Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Screenwriting Tips


With experience writing an episode of a web series and consulting on a film script, Sawyer Petrick has a professional interest in the entertainment industry. Having graduated with a BA in film from The New School, Sawyer Petrick is particularly interested in screenwriting.

Screenwriting involves creating screenplays or scripts to be used as the basis of a story for a movie or TV show. Here are some tips for new screenwriters:

Know the characters well. Having deep knowledge of the characters of the screenplay - the protagonist, the antagonist, and the supporting characters - is a necessity. Viewers must be able to empathize with the hero or heroine in the sense of being able to relate to them. Each character’s actions must be believable when considered in light of their goals, personality, and values.

Read other scripts. The importance of familiarizing yourself with genre conventions cannot be overemphasized. Screenwriters who are focused on a particular genre should read screenplays in the genre in order to know how the most successful scripts were put together and why unsuccessful scripts didn’t work out.

Craft realistic dialogue. Dialogue gives life to the characters and provides valuable information about their personalities, values, and life experiences to the viewer. For example, dialogue can convey information like a character’s education level, where they grew up, and how outgoing they are, among other insights.

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