Friday, August 5, 2022

Writing Chapter 1 of an Anticipated Sequel

 Sawyer Petrick is a passionate screenwriter who authored two screenplays that received high honors from The New School in New York. Sawyer Petrick also served as a writer at Whole Picture Films from 2018 to 2019, where he worked on multiple feature film writing scripts.

Sequels are similar to second installments to already-rated stories, and writers need an extra set of precision and punctiliousness when writing these stories. Great sequels are very challenging to write since the writers need to meet the expectations of devoted fans who have seen the prequel and anticipate more.

While fans have different theories as regards what the next line of events should be, historically, great sequels introduce unpredictable events. As a writer, you should address the questions from your story's fans in a less predictable style.

Successful sequel writers lead the second installment with an independent plotline. The first chapter should feel as though you are starting from scratch rather than using the prequel as a preliminary. For example, if your prequel is about a series of events that occurred during the winter in a school, you may lead the sequel's first chapter with events that occurred during the summer vacation. A moderate time-lapse is required at least.

The chapter one of a sequel should summarize the changes within the gap. For example, you should tell your story's fans how many changes have occurred in a character's life during the time-lapse. Your prequel fans may want to know what the characters are up to. You can dedicate the first chapter to these questions.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Role of Script Consultants

A graduate of The New School in New York City, Sawyer Petrick is passionate about film and television. While an undergraduate, he received an A grade with high honors for his senior capstone screenplay, The Newsboy Racket. Sawyer Petrick also served as a writer and script consultant with Whole Picture Films, where he consulted on the feature film script “The Speech.”

Script consultants work with scripts and screenwriters to help them polish their scripts. They offer feedback and provide development notes about how the writer can improve scenes or sections of dialog. They may also provide verbal feedback, and highlight issues with the script such as continuity errors.

When searching for a script consultant, a good place to start is to focus on their qualifications. There are no industry standards for consulting, meaning anybody can work as a script consultant. To weed out the writers with little experience, look for consultants who list a range of projects they've worked on. Also, ask for a sample of the consultant’s work. Pay close attention to the logline to confirm the consultant understood the screenwriter’s intentions. Also examine the consultant’s notes, looking for examples of constructive feedback versus criticism that points out faults but provides no solutions.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

NY Giants Hire Manager & Head Coach

Sawyer Petrick is a graduate of the New School who has worked as a scriptwriter for Whole Picture Films in New York City. In his free time, Sawyer Petrick enjoys following the New York Giants.

Following a 2022 season that saw the team finish a disappointing 4-13, the New York Giants spent the early months of the off-season shaking up their leadership. In January, the franchise announced Joe Schoen as its new general manager.

Schoen comes to New York having most recently served as assistant general manager in Buffalo, where he helped to guide the Bills to two consecutive AFC East titles. He replaces the retiring Dave Gettleman, who spent the previous four years as the Giants' general manager.

Schoen’s first responsibility was finding a new head coach after the dismissal of Joe Judge earlier in January. One week after his own hiring, Schoen did just that, bringing on former Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to fill the role. Prior to coming to New York, Schoen and Daboll spent four years together in Buffalo, where the latter was credited with the impressive development of quarterback Josh Allen.

The Giants have fallen on hard times over the last 10 seasons, and particularly over the last five, tying for the worst record in the NFL during this time. With a new general manager and head coach in place, the four-time Super Bowl-winning franchise hopes to return to the top of the NFL.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

How The New York Giants Got Their Name

An experienced bartender and screenwriter based in New York, Sawyer Petrick holds an EBS certificate from the New York Bartending School and a bachelor’s degree in film from The New School. Sawyer Petrick also loves to play the guitar and is an avid fan of the National Football League’s New York Giants.

The New York Giants are an American football team founded in 1925. The team has won four NFL championships and four Super Bowls. Founding owner Tim Mara came up with the team’s name.

Mara named his team after the National League’s New York Giants, the city’s popular Major League Baseball franchise. In those early years, baseball was a favorite sport in New York. Mara decided to name his football team The New York Giants to entice baseball and other sports fans to support the newly formed NFL team. The baseball team had been named after the giant buildings being built in New York City.

Writing Chapter 1 of an Anticipated Sequel

 Sawyer Petrick is a passionate screenwriter who authored two screenplays that received high honors from The New School in New York. Sawyer ...