Friday, August 27, 2021

Some of the Best Drills to Improve Shooting

An aspiring screenwriter based in New York City, New York, Sawyer Petrick graduated from The New School's film program in 2018 and has since contributed to the development of scripts for a web series and feature film. Outside of his professional endeavors, Sawyer Petrick enjoys reading and playing basketball.

While there are many different ways to improve your game, the goal in basketball is pretty simple: shoot the ball through the hoop. Players should regularly practice passing, rebounding, and setting screens, but shooting the ball should be prioritized. Shooting from different areas of the court in an unstructured session helps, but there are also several shooting drills that can improve a player's timing, release, and accuracy in pressure situations. One of these exercises is the 99 shooting drill.

Another player should be positioned below the rim as a rebounder to start this drill. The player shooting the ball should be in constant motion around the arc while pulling up to take shots from different locations. The player receives three points for every make and loses three points for consecutive misses. The goal is to reach 99 points as quick as possible.

The 5-5-5 drill is also effective at improving shooting form and footwork. With a chair set up inside the arc to function as a defender, the player should take five shots moving to the right with left-right footwork, followed by five shots to the left with right-left footwork. This should be followed by five shots alternating between both left and right footwork. This drill helps improve footwork and shooting rhythm. 

Friday, August 20, 2021

Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block

The recipient of a bachelor's degree in film from The New School, Sawyer Petrick is a New York City, New York-based screenwriter with prior experience in marketing. Sawyer Petrick most recently worked as a consultant at Whole Picture Films and contributed to the development of scripts for The Speech and The Look.

Writer's block is a common struggle that affects all writers, from amateurs to professionals. During a Writers Guild of America Awards panel in 2018, Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin revealed he has writer's block most days. Fortunately, there are several different things writers can do to help address writer's block. The act of writing can even be a solution.

Those struggling on a particular project should try and write about a different subject. This can include a magazine article or blog post, or even something that won't be published. Consider writing about whatever comes to mind, and then throw it out if you want. Repeat until you feel comfortable enough to return to the original material. You can also try writing from a different perspective or starting from a different point in your story.

There are other ways to get through writer’s block as well. For example, you can give your brain a break by going outside and spending time in nature. Go for a long walk or trail run to relieve stress and inspire creativity.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Is a Bartending License Mandatory

Sawyer Petrick is a screenwriter who has worked as a consultant on the script of the movie The Speech and wrote the second episode of the web series The Look. Apart from being a screenwriter, Sawyer Patrick has also had extensive experience serving as a barback and later doing front-of-house duties like serving diners and handling beverage orders. He is a licensed bartender and holds an EBS certificate from the New York Bartending School.

Many foods and beverage establishments are beginning to demand licenses as a requirement for their staff. They do this to ensure that the bartender knows the fundamentals before serving customers. But not all states in America require their bartenders to obtain a certificate before practicing their craft for pay. Local laws in certain states such as Texas demand that the bartender gets a state-verified certificate to sell alcohol. Certificates like these are primarily on alcohol awareness and preventing the sale of alcohol to minors.

Bartenders do not need a license to become a bartender, and there is no formal bartending certificate in the United States. However, understanding local laws and the requirements of most establishments is necessary for smooth practice. While bartending courses usually contain what is needed to practice effectively in a state, it is expedient to double-check that it meets all local law requirements.

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