Thursday, February 3, 2022

How The New York Giants Got Their Name

An experienced bartender and screenwriter based in New York, Sawyer Petrick holds an EBS certificate from the New York Bartending School and a bachelor’s degree in film from The New School. Sawyer Petrick also loves to play the guitar and is an avid fan of the National Football League’s New York Giants.

The New York Giants are an American football team founded in 1925. The team has won four NFL championships and four Super Bowls. Founding owner Tim Mara came up with the team’s name.

Mara named his team after the National League’s New York Giants, the city’s popular Major League Baseball franchise. In those early years, baseball was a favorite sport in New York. Mara decided to name his football team The New York Giants to entice baseball and other sports fans to support the newly formed NFL team. The baseball team had been named after the giant buildings being built in New York City.

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